Authority Updates - National - June 2016

Foreign Residents Withholding Tax

Federal legalisation has passed which will apply to contracts of sale entered into on or after 1 July 2016.

Federal legalisation has passed which will apply to contracts of sale entered into on or after 1 July 2016. Broadly, where a foreign resident disposes of certain taxable Australian property, the purchaser will be required to withhold 10% of the purchase price and pay that amount to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

The Australian Tax Office is presenting a free workshop on the new withholding regime at the AIC Offices on 9 June. 

This obligation is to apply to all sales over $2 million dollars (including Australian Residents). Australian Residents will need to apply for a clearance certificate to prevent the tax being withheld. 

So it is important for all practitioners who deal in properties over $2 million to be familiar with the procedure. 

This withholding is limited to taxable Australian property, being:

  • Real property in Australia - land, buildings, residential and commercial property; 
  • Lease premiums paid for the grant of a lease over real property in Australia; 
  • Mining, quarrying or prospecting rights; 
  • Interests in Australian entities whose majority assets consist of the above such property or interests - this is called an indirect interest;
  • Options or rights to acquire the above property or interest.

Fact sheet attached or more info can be found here or 

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