Upcoming events

Feb 13 2017

SAI Global are proud to be Gold Sponsors at International Petroleum Week. Attending the event provides SAI Global with an opportunity to join forces with some of the most respected thought-leaders in the oil & gas industry and showcase our risk management solutions.

Feb 1 2017

As a premier independent food assurance provider, SAI Global is proud to be exhibiting at Casual Dining 2017 on 22nd-23rd February at the Business Design Centre, Islington in London. 

Jan 3 2017

Do you have a strategy for managing claims denied by Managed Care payers? From patient status disputes to DRG down coding, the onslaught of denied claims can be overwhelming. 

Back by popular demand, Revenue Cycle expert, Day Egusquiza, President of AR Systems, is joined by John Montaine, CEO of Creative Managed Care Solutions and Dr. Maria Johar, System Physician Advisor at ProMedica Health System. This team of experts will provide updates, useful insight and tips on how you can combat Managed Care denials. 

Jan 3 2017

In an increasingly digital world, federal and state regulators are focusing more on data security for financial institutions.  Such increased scrutiny underscores the importance for all financial services companies, including smaller companies, to have appropriate data security measures in place, including plans on how to respond to potential events.

Dec 12 2016

Live Webinar: Personal Property Securities tips for the New Year We are now approaching its 5th anniversary, but people are still getting things wrong. Who can forget one of the most well-known decisions in 2016, The Forge Group v GE [1]? In this case, the court decided that a lease of turbines b