SAI Global shines the light on the global impact of corporate bribery and corruption

December 21, 2016

From child labour to human trafficking, child mortality to environmental destruction and poor education standards, unethical behaviour and corruption is a serious epidemic impacting the standard of life for billions of people globally.

To address unethical and illegal business practices, SAI Global works with companies to build anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs that work through implementation of a holistic suite of resources and technology.  With corruption and bribery presenting significant risk at a global level for all industries, these solutions are available in more than 50 languages.

According to Transparency International (TI), the global coalition against corruption, 68% of countries world-wide have a serious problem, including approximately half of the G20.  The situation becomes more complex when you consider corruption in a broader context; countries with clean public sectors at home are often linked to corruption elsewhere. The scale of the problem is enormous with TI research indicating half of all OECD countries violate their international obligations to crack down on bribery by their companies abroad.

Ever since the United Nations Convention Against Corruption was signed on December 9th in 2003, that day has also been observed as International Anti-Corruption Day to raise awareness of corruption, its impact, and how it can be combated around the world.

In honour of this and as part of SAI Global's broader goal to help companies battle bribery and corruption while inspiring ethical behaviour, three international bribery corruption and compliance experts contributed to a whitepaper and participated in a webinar to discuss these issues and how to enact change.  Panellists and contributors included Baker and McKenzie partner and former federal criminal prosecutor David Callaway, specialist anti-corruption management consultant Richard Bistrong of Front-Line Anti-Bribery LLC and SAI Global's Director of Compliance Programme Operations Paula Davis.

The live webinar panellists answered listener questions about what the future of the FCPA Pilot Program would look like, whether ISO 37001, the newly published international standard for anti-bribery management systems would be truly helpful in the fight against corruption and what types of organizations faced the most significant bribery and corruption risks.  Additional questions posed to the panel after the webinar and answered here help serve to highlight the growing corporate consciousness of the need to stamp out corruption. 

SAI Global's free whitepaper discusses the psychology behind why good people do bad things and how this undermines a company's anti-bribery and anti-corruption compliance programmes. With bribery and corruption continuing to be a concern for compliance departments and organizations around the world, the whitepaper includes steps companies can take to help prevent this from happening.
With corruption rates inexplicably linked to higher child mortality rates, weaker democratic processes, fewer employment opportunities for women and minorities, an accelerated depreciation of the environment, and decreased resources for health care, education, sanitation, and clean water, we all stand to win by stamping it out.

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