Data Privacy Day - 28 January

January 19, 2017

Data Privacy Day which is observed on the 28th of January each year, is an international effort to create awareness about the importance of respecting individual privacy and the safeguarding of online data.

Data Privacy Day, also known as Data Protection Day in Europe where it began in 2006, is an international initiative held on January 28 each year to create awareness about the importance of respecting individual's privacy and safeguarding online data.   

SAI Global is committed to the mitigation of information security risk and safeguarding of data and in 2017 joined the international effort as an Official National Cyber Security Alliance Data Privacy Day Champion

Participation in Data Privacy Day each year enables SAI Global to lend its voice to the global conversation around the challenges faced by individuals, organisations, businesses and government on consumer privacy and responsible use of data. 

Mitigating digital and information security risk to support protection of data privacy is an integral part of SAI Global's business, and aligns with Data Privacy Day's goals to educate how privacy is good for business.  We offer market-leading Integrated Risk Management solutions to help organisations proactively manage risk throughout the entire life cycle.

Far from being a niche issue, data privacy and protection has become integral to successful business operations. To find out more about the global trends in data privacy and protection, the European Union's (EU's) new regulations and best practices in data privacy and security, download our whitepaper.  Authored by SAI Global's Jacki Trevino and International Data Privacy Expert Robert Bond, this whitepaper is based on the themes discussed in an online webinar they held to mark Data Privacy Day 2017.


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