Challenges and insights into implementing an Enterprise Risk Management framework

August 29, 2016

Organisations that drive a risk-aware culture from the top through to all their employees are more likely to seize the opportunities presented by risk and have a competitive advantage.

Let's look at some of the key challenges organisations face when introducing an ERM framework and what those that are getting it right, are doing differently?

Nicole Grantham, CRO at SAI Global provides insights into this topic and comments on the importance of embracing a risk culture and the impact this can have.

The Challenges of Implementing an Enterprise Risk Management Framework



How to Implement an Enterprise Risk Management Framework




What does "good" look like?



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Nicole Grantham

About Nicole Grantham

Nicole joined SAI Global as Chief Risk Officer in December 2015.  Her passion for risk management stems from a recognition that organisations must take risks not only to survive but to thrive. Nicole believes that by having an Intelligent Risk approach, organisations can optimise the opportunities of risk to achieve their goals.  

Nicole will be a speaker at the  Risk NZ Development Day "Driving Prosperity from Risk" on the 15th of September.