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Apr 23 2017

To effectively track performance of environmental management programmes, organisations can no longer simply rely on key performance indicators without also addressing the selection of the right indicators and source data against relevant baseline points.


Apr 10 2017

Operators in the online gaming industry are facing an increasingly stringent and localised global regulatory environment. This makes multi-jurisdictional management of technical and licensing compliance to the latest regional regulations more and more complex.

Apr 6 2017

Together with, we asked financial services companies around the world about their views on the current trends in risk management and governance.

Mar 28 2017

SAI Global strengthens commitment to animal welfare in the UK with introduction of Pet Boarding Scheme.

Mar 21 2017

The inaugural Responsible Lending and Borrowing Summit 2017 recently took place on 28 February and 1 March at The Grace Hotel in Sydney. This was a much-anticipated event, organised by Informa Australia after overwhelming feedback indicating the need of a stand-alone event as a forum for banks, other lenders, as well as their legal advisors. SAI Global is proud to be an exhibitor at this conference.


Mar 20 2017

The case of Stuart Ariff is probably the most commonly cited example of an insolvency practitioner who has failed to carry out the duties of a liquidator adequately and properly. Mr Ariff was reported to ASIC in 2005. He accepted the misconduct allegations against him in 2009, and in 2011, he was charged for criminal fraud and sentenced to 6 years in jail. 

Mar 20 2017

In 2008 the government launched their National Seamless Economy initiative which aimed to improve production and efficiencies to achieve a strong, consistentapproach in business - including for the property market. Digitisation was a key tool employed to achieve this.

Mar 9 2017

Effective management of an increasingly diverse global network of organisational risk is essential to ensure ongoing business success. 

Feb 27 2017

Standards: the technical documents that outline requirements, rules and specifications for production and delivery of products, materials, processes and services.  At first sight, they can seem like an onerous, costly list of hurdles to jump to get a product or service to market. So what tangible benefit do standards deliver for businesses or to our everyday lives?

Feb 22 2017

This month, SAI Global will be attending the annual Global Food Safety Conference in Houston, Texas. The Global Food Safety Conference is a unique annual event bringing together over 1,000 leading food safety specialists from across 50 countries to advance food safety globally. The theme for this year's conference is 'leadership for growth' and SAI Global will be both exhibitors and sponsors. 

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