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Feb 22 2017

This month, SAI Global will be attending the annual Global Food Safety Conference in Houston, Texas. The Global Food Safety Conference is a unique annual event bringing together over 1,000 leading food safety specialists from across 50 countries to advance food safety globally. The theme for this year's conference is 'leadership for growth' and SAI Global will be both exhibitors and sponsors. 

Feb 22 2017

As a professional services provider, cyber security is mission critical because it enables you to provide timely and reliable service to your clients.

Feb 2 2017

Are you a lessor of goods? Do you know someone (such as a client) who is? A lessee leases goods that the lessor owns under a commercial arrangement. A lessor needs to take appropriate steps to protect those goods, being assets that belong to the lessor.

Jan 18 2017

SAI Global is again supporting the safeguarding of data by signing on as a global Data Privacy Day Champion. Data Privacy Day is an international effort held on January 28 to create awareness about the importance of respecting individual's privacy and safeguarding online data.

Dec 20 2016

From child labour to human trafficking, child mortality to environmental destruction and poor education standards, unethical behaviour and corruption is a serious epidemic impacting the standard of life for billions of people globally.  To address unethical and illegal business practices, SAI Global works with companies to build anti-bribery and anti-corruption programs that work through implementation of a holistic suite of resources and technology.  With corruption and bribery presenting significant risk at a global level for all industries, these solutions are available in more than 50 languages.

Dec 12 2016

The PPSR is the single, national register where security interests in personal property can be registered and searched.

Dec 8 2016

Recently, 3 internationally acknowledged experts in data visualisation presented at the Data Visualisation Masterclass  held at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and sponsored by the CSIRO.

Nov 23 2016

We all know that in today's world, change is a constant and a business's ability to respond to change is critical to its success.  SAI Global Business Improvement Analyst and management systems expert, Denis Slade, discusses how change, whether driven from internal and external factors, if considered as part of an enterprise risk management process, can help to protect a business and its stakeholders.


Nov 17 2016

Keeping workers safe in a changing regulatory world. Find out how SAI Global can help you keep workers safe in a changing regulatory world. Denis Slade, Business Improvement Analyst at SAI Global, discusses how an effective management system can help you protect your business and provide the bes

Nov 6 2016

With World Quality Day on 10 November, we discuss with our experts Paul Simpson, Global Policy, Risk and Certification Manager and Carmine Liuzzi, VP Training and Improvement Solutions, how quality impacts the world we live in.


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