Training up a workforce on Compliance and Ethical standards in 12 languages





When Borealis needed to educate its workforce about Compliance and Ethical standards they chose SAI Global's leading e-learning platform to provide interactive training in 12 languages.

Borealis has customers in 120 countries and are headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Recent new Austrian Legislation around anti-bribery and the introduction of the UK Bribery Act created a requirement to update their Ethics Policy and investigate options to introduce new training around corruption.

The new legislation in Austria presented Borealis with a challenge: Under Austrian law their employees are considered public officials due to the fact that the majority of their shares are held by IPIC (International Petroleum Investment Company) a fund founded by the Abu Dhabi government. Hence there are very strict rules regarding gifts & hospitality, a message that needs to be conveyed efficiently.

In addition to this, due to the listing of Borealis corporate bonds on the Vienna Stock Exchange, a number of employees require issuer compliance training. Borealis also identified a need to be able to quickly and easily develop content without the need to utilise a great deal of internal time and resource.

To overcome all these issues Borealis identified a need for an e-learning solution that could provide tailored training to ensure that each individual only receives the education that is relevant to their tasks. This means finding a supplier with experience in the compliance market with a library of relevant content.

Our key objectives were to find a provider who could reach as many people as possible with a flexible solution that allows the individual to schedule their own training from any location. We also wanted to ensure that the content was interactive and relevant to the individual to guarantee understanding and awareness. SAI Global's library content was the perfect solution and required minimal customisation to fit our requirements.

Vibeke Dittrich

Group Compliance and Ethics Officer, Borealis AG