GRC Platform Improves Risk Management

Catholic Homes has a caring culture reflecting the Catholic ethos and its values of dignity, compassion, integrity and collaboration. Currently around 900 seniors receive services from Catholic Homes at over 30 locations in metropolitan Melbourne and at Bacchus Marsh.

Within the aged care industry there are many challenges including recruiting, retaining, training and developing staff; achieving financial sustainability; planning and providing services for a growing aging population; managing a wide range of health and safety risks and dealing with complex regulatory requirements.

Recently, the aged care sector has been subject to high levels of media and public scrutiny resulting in a tighter regulatory environment.

Catholic Homes deals with a wide range of health and safety risks associated with the provision of services for seniors, such as manual handling, infection control, medication management, behaviour management and prevention of elder abuse, in addition to environmental risks and other hazards.

Catholic Homes promotes a collaborative and consistent enterprise-wide approach to managing the risks and opportunities inherent in their business. This includes embracing change and continuous improvement so that the best outcomes can be achieved. Until the implementation of SAI Global's GRC Platform, risk and compliance was managed by a Risk Management Committee which involved manual documentation using spreadsheets.

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To read the complete description of how SAI Global created a new risk and compliance framework for Catholic Homes to manage, schedule and report its risks, controls and compliance tasks, click on the link above.