Canadian Energy Services demonstrates success in implementing ISO9001:2015

Certification as a competitive advantage

image Photo provided by Canadian Energy Services


While implementing a Quality Management System (QMS), Canadian Energy Services chose to model their system based on the new ISO9001:2015 Standard. This proactive move helped the industry leader stay current and take advantage of the Standard's many benefits.

The implementation was conducted concurrently across three plants, each of which had different processes and cultures.

To read the detailed implementation steps and strategic guidance narrated by their QMS Consultant, download the complete Success Story.


Servicing the oil and natural gas industry with operations in the major US and Western Canada basins, Canadian Energy Services (CES) provides advanced consumable chemical solutions throughout the life cycle of the oilfield. Their two core businesses - drilling fluids along with production and specialty chemicals - represent over 90 percent of company revenue. CES is the parent company of PureChem and Jacam, which are plants that manufacture oilfield production chemicals.

Brand elevation: In an increasingly competitive marketplace, the CES executive team recognized the importance of distinguishing the company by its superior products and service. The strategic decision to implement ISO9001:2015 would support this goal.

Operational excellence and enhanced communications: CES set an aggressive goal of simultaneously implementing ISO9001:2015 in three independent plants. Recognizing that increased cooperation, collaboration and sharing of information could further enhance operations in key areas, they wanted their QMS to establish lines of communication to support those initiatives. 

image Photo provided by Canadian Energy Services

CES obtained advice from outside QMS consultant, Jeff Rosaine, to manage the implementation process. Although there was some familiarity among staff with Quality and ISO, it was isolated in small pockets across the organization. A natural concern among staff as fear of the unknown - most did not know what to expect or how implementation would impact their jobs.


The strength going in was that this was already a successful company with highly skilled and competent people in place. We took the approach that the Quality System should be built around existing business practices, instead of trying to rebuild business practices to fit a new Quality System. We committed to employees that we would keep changes to a minimum, which helped secure buy-in.

Jeff Rosaine

QMS Consultant

Every detail of the process was managed to ensure they had the right people with the right information at the right time. Jeff leveraged different, but complementary, techniques to ensure he had a comprehensive understanding of the current business practices.

To read the detailed implementation steps and strategic guidance narrated by their QMS Consultant, download the complete Success Story 

Canadian Energy Services' decision to work with SAI Global for their certification came down to a relationship built on trust.


The QMS consultant was familiar with other organizations that have used SAI Global as their registrar since they first implemented their ISO system back in the mid-90s. SAI Global is known for exceptional service.


The SAI Global auditor provided good insights and real value to our organization.

Jeff Rosaine

QMS Consultant

When it came time for CES to choose a registrar, they conducted their due diligence in the market. Jeff felt it was an easy choice to go with SAI Global based on past experiences. This assured him and CES that they were selecting a reputable and respected organization that would provide the greatest value. As an added bonus, SAI Global's pricing was in line, or better, than the other registrars.



CES operates two core businesses with significant operations in both Canada and the US. Our drilling fluids division operates as CES in Canada and AES Drilling Fluids in the US, while our production specialty chemicals division operates as PureChem Services in Canada and Jacam in the US. These divisions are supported by two other complimentary business units in Canada; Clear Environmental Solutions and EQUAL Transport. We are focused on being the leading provider of technically advanced consumable chemical solutions throughout the life-cycle of the oilfield. This includes: complete solutions at the drill-bit, at the point of completion, stimulation, production and ultimately through to the pipeline and midstream market. Our goal is to enable our customers to recognize efficiencies in their drilling and production programs to meet operational objectives as
well as environmental obligations. To learn more about CES, visit

Jacam is a service company and manufacturer of oilfield production chemicals focused on problem-solving through innovative chemistry. A division of Canadian Energy Services (TSX: CEU) (OTCQX: CESDF), Jacam and its affiliated companies have a presence in more than 80 locations across the U.S., where they provide customizable chemical solutions from the drill bit to the wellhead to the pipeline, and every point in between. To learn more, visit