Meggitt - Unifying a Code of Conduct


UK-based aerospace and defense company, Meggitt PLC, faced a difficult dual problem - their Code of Conduct messages were inconsistent across their global organization, and more than half their total employees were without online access. With more than 8,000 employees in 50 business sites spanning fourteen countries across Asia, Europe and North America, Meggitt's organizational structure added complexity to the already intricate goal of reviewing, writing and deploying a single Code of Conduct (Code) and ethics training programme worldwide. The company needed to both develop a consistent message as well as manage the numerous cultural and technological challenges presented by the 4,000 offline employees.

The company chose SAI Global to assist with Code review, develop an awareness program and implement worldwide. The end objective was clear - build awareness of a consistent message to all employees regardless of location and job function efficiently and quickly.

Following an initial training needs analysis, SAI Global recommended a programme with international reach that would reinforce the company's Code while honoring the differences in each country. The programme included five language translations along with the opportunity to customize communications to better engage staff and promote understanding of the individual employee's role in maintaining corporate integrity.

Practical Implementation with Cultural Adaptations

As an initial step, SAI Global consulted with Meggitt to design a Code of consistent values that could be used throughout the organization. The Code was translated and sent to each employee worldwide; it included a clear executive message that uniform values were critical to establishing the culture of integrity that Meggitt desired. To maintain momentum and increase awareness, Meggitt selected vignettes from SAI Global's online library of Ethical Moments®, innovative 3-5 minute videos that reinforced through real life examples the types of messages relevant to their workforce. The segments Meggitt selected highlighted the specific key risk areas identified in their Code.

Because of the diversity of Meggitt's fourteen-country audience and the need to engage each employee with a culturally and organizationally relevant message, SAI Global's team worked with Meggitt's executives throughout the globe to record brief, personalized introductions to each segment. This creative approach recognized the importance of Tone at the Top; each local audience saw their own senior managers endorse the program, greatly increasing its relevance and eventual learning effectiveness. Furthermore, each vignette was translated into five languages and included subtitles and voice dubbing. By staging the release of Ethical Moments (6 were launched in total, one every two months) Code messaging was continuously in front of employees.

SAI Global worked with Meggitt staff to fully utilize the functionality of SAI Global's Learning Management System: Meggitt was able to schedule and distribute targeted emails to users, including new hires, inviting them into the program and outlining the compliance requirements. Each Ethical Moment was delivered via email to employees with regular computer access. Meggitt appointed Ethics Coordinators at each business location to serve as a local resource for employees. These Ethics Coordinators worked closely with Meggitt's Ethics Program Office to respond to inquiries and facilitate offline training sessions where the training components were delivered via CD. The offline data was regularly sent to the Global Services Team at SAI Global to update the LMS and keep the overall project on track.

The Outcome

SAI Global's training program was the perfect complement to Meggitt's paper Code. The company received excellent feedback from employees and, with the help of SAI Global's best practices approach to programme design and implementation, Meggitt's 50 business sites were able to act as one company with a single focus on corporate integrity. Senior management fully endorsed the training reinforcing the commitment the company made to customers, suppliers and to each other.

Employees are now in a better position to make appropriate decisions and conduct themselves in ways that are in line with the company's core values. The frequency of the Ethical Moments helped keep the message fresh and with each new vignette Meggitt saw increases in employee completion rates.

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Working with SAI Global enables us to reach employees where they are, in a language they’re comfortable with. The training is easy to understand… it reinforces the messages that we’re trying to communicate to our workforce. I was hired in September; we had to launch in early January …. the work that took place in October, November and December was extraordinary; it was compressed; it was collaborative; it was immediate. And that enabled us to get going with a program in a timely way and reach thousands of people throughout the world It's all about service; SAI has great content – it’s what happens after that sale; it’s the ability to engage, to enter into a true partnership

Barney Rosenberg

Group Ethics and Business Conduct Manager

About Meggitt PLC
Meggitt PLC has based its business on designing and making the sophisticated components and systems that perform critical functions in severe conditions - economically, cleanly, safely and reliably. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the Meggitt group comprises 50 business sites with facilities spanning Asia, Europe and North America and employs over 8,000 people.

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