Beckman Coulter- Gaining Employee Buy-in for Online Information Security Training


A successful training program requires more than purchasing the right content and rolling it out to employees. Casual approaches to information security training and awareness -- without consideration of the desired results and attention to a company's culture -- may negatively impact the outcome of a full-scale training program.


Learn how Beckman Coulter, Inc., a leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems, partnered with SAI Global to implement a successful e-learning program illustrating that information security is a day-to-day operation.




Beckman Coulter faced the challenging responsibility of developing an effective awareness program to ensure the security of information throughout their organization. Like many companies, Beckman Coulter's management knew that gaining employee participation would be challenging. The company's diverse workforce speaks multiple languages and technology skill levels vary widely, making traditional methods of training less effective. But employees play an integral role in information security throughout the company. Beckman Coulter knew it must meet two objectives for a successful program: employees must receive relevant training by job role and responsibility and must be motivated to participate in the training program itself.


The company partnered with SAI Global to develop a web-based information security program to create awareness and understanding of the company's security policies and procedures. Following an initial training needs analysis consultation, SAI Global proposed a program that would bridge the gap between the policies themselves and their practical application on a day-to-day basis. The program was designed to not only raise awareness of the need for information security at Beckman Coulter, but also to fully engage the staff with learning content that was both creative and interactive.


Understanding and Engaging Employees


Based on the demographics of the workforce, the company chose both English and Spanish versions of the courses to be delivered in the fully featured SAI Global Learning Management System. Understanding that follow up reinforcement would be needed, refresher training was also selected and built into the initial purchase. The program was launched as a pilot at the company's Miami manufacturing plant; a later national implementation included role-relevant training for managers and executives.


Beckman Coulter selected courses using SAI Global's illustrated format -- an innovative approach that includes an engaging combination of graphics, animations and interactive assessments which bring the subject matter to life to aid knowledge retention. The company believed the content of the courses included the critical learning points to support its goals, but how it implemented the program would determine its overall success. This meant understanding the culture of their organization.


With the help of SAI Global, the company held an Information Security Awareness Day at the Miami plant to promote the program launch. The objectives were to gain an overall understanding of the employee population, gauge enthusiasm for the program, provide a forum to voice concerns, address technology questions, and sign up employees for the pilot. Playing on SAI Global's innovative Rocket Launch Infogram (part of the overall training program) the company's Information Security Engineer, Domingo Castillo, dressed in a space suit.




One hundred employees volunteered to participate in the pilot program, giving Beckman Coulter's executives the information needed to make changes before the nationwide implementation. This inventive approach led Beckman Coulter to revise their standards and focus on individual user needs and concerns.


Once launched nationwide, the quality and engaging content of the course was well received by employees and the resulting feedback provides opportunities for future training initiatives. The implementation has helped employees understand why information security is important to them as individuals as well as to Beckman Coulter.


We knew from the beginning we needed to take a different approach to successfully implement this program. Hence, we needed to roll it out not just as a training program, but bring an overall sense of awareness to our employees. The response to our approach was overwhelming. Many employees contacted us asking when they could take part in the training.

Domingo Castillo

Information Security Engineer, Beckman Coulter, Inc.


Beckman Coulter, Inc.

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