Heather Mahon


Heather Mahon joined SAI Global as an OHS and QEC auditor in January 2010.  Since then Heather has had several roles in SAI Global, her current one being, Risk and Compliance Manager APAC.

A highly experienced and passionate OHS professional, Heather's career has included OHS training, consulting, and auditing. She has also held a senior OHS role at Spotless.  

Heather's passion for OHS risk and management systems stems from a recognition that organisations have a legal as well as a moral obligation to proactively manage the health and safety of their employees. She strongly believes that an inclusive and proactive approach to risk management allows businesses to understand and manage the risks as well as realise the opportunities this creates, thereby driving overall improvement in their health and safety goals.   

Developing an OHS risk thought process that adds value to the way in which a business operates and is perceived, is critical for success and for driving overall improvement in business performance. Heather loves working with people and the challenge of helping them understand the value of integrating OHS risk management into their overall business risk management strategy.

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