Dave Garforth


Dave joined SAI Global as a Senior Seafood Consultant in May 2012.  His career has traversed many aspects of the seafood sector including seafood trading, fishery regulatory compliance, seafood quality management and research and development.

From a young age Dave had a passion for fish and all things marine. After completing a degree in fishery science, Dave worked as a Fishery Enforcement Officer and then completed a Masters' Degree in Aquaculture Science. In his earlier career, Dave focused on supporting the development of the Irish aquaculture and seafood sectors, developing Industry Codes of Best Practice and Quality Guides. These later became fully operational quality assurance schemes, which remain part of the Irish National Seafood Quality Standards and are still certified by SAI Global today.  

For the last 10 years, Dave has been engaged in the development of seafood certification and related services for SAI Global across EMEA, North America and Asia. 

Dave firmly believes that seafood has a massive role to play in feeding the world's growing population. When farmed or fished sustainably, seafood uses less water, emits less carbon, conserves both fish stocks and the marine environment and creates long-term, rewarding careers. 

Employment history 

Senior Consultant Seafood, SAI Global; 2012 to Present
Seafood Business Development Director; Global Trust 2005-2012 (acquired by SAI Global 2012)
Technical Sales Manager-Feed; Skretting 2000-2005
Quality and Technical Sales Manager, Pan European Fish Auctions 1999-2000
Seafood Quality Officer, Irish Sea Fisheries Board, 1995-1999
Research and Development Officer, Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Centre; 1993-1995
Government Fishery Officer; Scotland, 1988-1990

University Hull Bachelor of Science (Fisheries), 1985 - 1988
University Cork Masters of Science (Aquaculture), 1991-1992

Memberships/Board appointments

Member of International Association of Fish Inspectors
Director Irish Aquaculture (Fish) Association- 2002-2005

To contact Dave, email dave.garforth@saiglobal.com and for more information click here