Personal Property Security Searches (PPSR)

Credit checks. Single and bulk PPSR registration.

Due to reform of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009, the laws and registers regarding personal property security interests from the Commonwealth, States and Territories were consolidated under one national system in 2012.   

This also included the creation of the national Personal Property Security Register (PPSR).   

As a licensed PPSR broker, SAI Global Property provides customers with convenient web-based access to the PPSR database where they can: 

  • Conduct asset checks
  • Determine if an individual or organisation is a credit-risk prior to entering into a contractual relationship.
  • Check if an item is encumbered with an existing registered security.
  • Register security interest in personal property, providing greater assurances of recovering a debt should a debtor default.


Information is provided in PDF format and can be delivered via the website, email, fax and mail/DX.  

PPSR searches available via our online broking platform, Search Manager, include: 


  • Dynamic Securities Report
  • PPSR - Individual Grantor Search
  • PPSR - Organisation Grantor Search (each)
  • PPSR  - Motor Vehicle
  • PPSR- Watercraft
  • PPSR - Aircraft
  • PPSR - Intellectual Property
  • PPSR - Registration Number Search
  • PPSR - Ordinal Search
  • PPSR - Search Certificate
  • PPSR - Search Certificate Attachment
  • PPSR - Registration Number Search

PSR registrations  

PPSR registrations occur because organisations and financial institutions need to declare an interest in non-land related property (the collateral). By not declaring an interest in the collateral an organisation or financial institution runs the risk of losing it and any credit associated with it.   

SAI Global Property has made registering collateral easy. Via Search Manager, organisations and financial institutions wanting to register collateral will be provided with step by step instructions to create their own Secured Party Group (SPG) and an access code to register each collateral item with its own encrypted token key.  

Via Search Manager they can: 


  • Create, amend, transfer and discharge registrations using secure details
  • Reset registration tokens
  • Reissue verification statements
  • Create and discharge registrations in bulk - up to a maximum of 100 items at a time.


This bulk registration service is available via the 'Personal Searches' tab in Search Manager. This handy feature allows users to either create or discharge up to 100 PPSR registrations at once and for the same transactional fee as the current offering!   

All Search Manager customers also have access to Encompass at no additional charge, so if the matter you are working on is complicated and is going to take hours to investigate, why not use Encompass and create a visual chart of the data which will help you to quickly see the relationships between people, property and companies.      

For more information about how we can help, call our Helpdesk on 1300 730 000 or complete our contact us form and we will contact you.



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