Looking to streamline your due diligence process?


Are you working on an interesting matter or case?

Working through a complex case is not only challenging, it is also time consuming and prone to human errors which can have serious consequences for your business.

How can we help you?

We will provide a complimentary standard current ASIC Company and PPSR Securities search* for you to demonstrate how you can analyse data quickly to accelerate your review process and reduce risk of any oversights and instantly visualise relevant information so you understand the full picture fast.


Want to know how Encompass can help you?

Encompass is a visualisation platform which enable users to search, review and manage commercial information to assist in understanding the relationships across ASIC, PPSR, Land Registry and other sources by seeing people, companies and addresses and their associations in an interactive visual workspace.

Encompass enables customers to explore the entire corporate, property and personal world, in pictures. It quickly reveals the relationships between people, property and companies - giving you the full picture, fast.

Did you know? 

If you are a Search Manager user, you can now visualise commercial and property data for free** via Encompass. 

With Encompass, you can:

  • analyse data quickly to accelerate your review process and reduce risk of any oversights.
  • instantly visualise relevant information so that you understand the full picture fast.
  • share and manage information throughout the matter lifecycle.
  • save on search costs and time with non-expiring documents which can be reused or refreshed.

All the search information can be refreshed in one click to reflect any changes since the last search was conducted. You can also add your own notes such as trust and beneficiary information as well as share the chart with your clients so they can view the picture on their own device. 

*Please note that we will run a basic initial search for you and the cost of any additional searches will be incurred by you. Your searched matter will remain confidential and be maintained strictly in accordance to our privacy policy

**Please note your standard search provider and service charges will still apply. There is no fee for accessing the visualisation platform.