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SAI Global has partnered with Encompass Corporation to deliver the first commercial data visualisation product in Australia that enables better, faster commercial decisions. 


Encompass allows you to explore the entire corporate, property and personal world, in pictures. It quickly reveals the relationships between people, property and companies - giving you the full picture, fast.

Together, Encompass Corporation and SAI Global bring:  

  • Access to a highly differentiated and unique commercial information application that powerfully and securely combines company, personal and property data from multiple sources, allowing organisations to leverage the value of their commercial information
  • Targeted search, review and workflow-integration solutions for key markets including banks, government, insolvency, lawyers, accountants, auditors, recoveries agents, restructuring and other businesses involved in risk assessment, investigation, verification and due diligence practices
  • A wider range of data offerings in one place than ever before; including ASIC, PPSR, AFSA, Land Titles, Property Valuation data and Credit information. All easily and rapidly accessed in Encompass, providing a solution that drives efficiencies and reduces risk.  


It is available immediately to all Search Manager Customers with no expensive hardware to install; everyone in an organisation can access it, through their ordinary web browser.


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