Managing Commercial Information with Confidence

September 8, 2015

By now, you would have heard of commercial information management (CIM). Whether we work in large corporates, for SMEs or in the public sector, information explosion is a phenomenon we cannot deny. One study has found that by 2020, information would be doubled every 73 days. Many professionals across many industries could relate to the explosion of commercial information and the way it impacts on our lives.

Commercial information is all around us. We can search ASIC's registers for commercial information on companies as well as individuals. Commercial information revealed in a PPSR search would influence an insolvency practitioner's advice on how to proceed with an administration. A lawyer could find out from AFSA's records whether a creditor's petition is in progress. Commercial information obtained from the LPI or LTO could be used by financiers when assessing a loan application or by conveyancers when working on transactions for selling land.

To operate successfully in this competitive environment, there is strong demand for professionals who appreciates the benefit and value of CIM and possess the skills necessary for effective CIM. Look out for opportunities to learn more about CIM - from assessing the need for a CIM system to implementing CIM strategies - and develop timeless skills to manage the commercial information deluge that is transforming the business world.

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