Red Tractor Transfer Scheme

SAI Global is a licensed registered supplier of inspection audit services for Red Tractor.  If you need certification for any of the following we can help you. 

  • Combinable crops

  • Fresh produce

  • Dairy

  • Chicken

  • Abattoirs and livestock transport

We also have many partners and licences to audit with organisations such as RSPCA Freedom Food, LEAF and Tesco Nurture.

Trust SAI Certification

SAI are the oldest, most traditional, certification body with coverage for the whole of the UK. Centrally based in Milton Keynes our solid reputation has been built up under the old FABBL logo and we are the largest livestock assurer in the UK.

In recent years that expertise has extended across the whole farm sector and SAI Global now also have licences to audit Red Tractor combinable crops, fresh produce as well as dairy, chicken , abattoirs and livestock transport.

We also offer an incentive scheme to organisations who switch from their current supplier to SAI Global, for more information about this contact us here


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Next Steps


If you have any questions please contact us on  +44 (0) 2921 510 190 or email us at uk.sales@saiglobal.com


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