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Certification Programme for a variety of products

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Types of Product Certification Systems offered by SAI Global:

  • System 5 Certification is where compliance is achieved through an on-site factory assessment of the manufacturing processes as well as type testing of product samples. Ongoing certification is also required and involves factory surveillance audits to ensure that maintenance of the manufacturing process is occurring.
  • System 2/ 3 Certification is where compliance to the relevant standard is confirmed through type testing of product samples, together with final product inspection/review conducted in the marketplace or at the place of manufacture. An example is the Gas Safety certification scheme.
  • System 1 Certification is commonly referred to as 'type test certification', whereby product samples are sent to a recognised test laboratory to be evaluated against the relevant standard's test requirements.

This scheme involves initial product type testing, followed by assessment, regular production batch testing, and evaluation of your company's manufacturing processes to ensure continual compliance.

Design Verification
Sample(s) of the product are assessed for compliance with the relevant product specification or standard (also known as type testing).

Document Review
The documented quality plan for the design and manufacture of the product is reviewed to ensure appropriate controls are in place to address risks to designated standards or specifications.

Quality Plan Implementation
On-site assessment by SAI Global's independent experts ensures the quality plan is effectively implemented in practice to achieve ongoing compliance.

Ongoing Assessment
Regular assessments, both of the product itself in batch production, and of the manufacturing site, verify that quality plans are being maintained and the product continues to comply with the standard.

To achieve StandardsMark™ certification, you need to take the following steps:

1. Product standards or specifications
Determine what standards or specifications are essential for your product. In many cases, a product may be required to meet a number of standards or specifications; in others, a minimum level of assurance may be required.
Visit infostore.saiglobal.com to obtain standards.

2. Does your product conform?
Before applying for certification, you should make an assessment of whether the product is likely to meet the standard. This assessment may be internal or external.

3. Submit an application
You must submit detailed information about the range of products for which you are seeking certification.
For further information refer to the Product Certification Guide to Applicants, which is available from our account management team.

4. Submit your product for testing
After SAI Global acknowledges your application, we will prepare a Type Test program and your product can then be tested by a recognised laboratory (normally NATA-accredited or equivalent). SAI Global technical staff will assess your product's design and performance compliance against the nominated standard or specification.

5. Manufacturing Site Quality Plan Audit
SAI Global's audit scheduling team will contact applicants to arrange a mutually agreeable audit date for the nominated manufacturer/s.

6. Certification and logos
Certification is issued upon successful audit and review of type testing. Certified products can then be released from the manufacturer. The StandardsMark™ logo may be used in product promotion with approval by SAI Global.


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