Displaying the Product StandardsMark

April 30, 2020

The StandardsMark™ is the ultimate symbol of product certification. It makes a powerful statement about the quality, the performance and/or safety of the certified product.

Where to use the Certified ProductStandardsMark™

With a certified product, the StandardsMark shall be applied directly to the product by printing, moulding, etching etc., and also may be applied to its packaging, or on any data sheet or advertising relating to that product.

How to Use the Certified Product StandardsMark™

It is essential that you use the appropriate version of the StandardsMark. Where your product is licensed under SAI Global limited's StandardsMark product certification scheme, the Certified Product symbol, as displayed above, should be used. If you are unsure about which symbol is appropriate for you product, SAI Global's staff will always be pleased to provide clarification.

It is also important to include the correct text. Place the words that identify the publisher, such as Australian Standard, and the relevant standard or specification and the licence number, such as AS XXXX Lic. 12345, immediately beneath the symbol. Where space and size permit, the name SAI Global Limited should appear as illustrated.

The typeface is Helvetica Medium for the words Australian Standard and Helvetica (or similar) for the remaining text.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by SAI Global, where the colour is being used, the StandardsMark™ symbol should be in Pantone 032 (red) and all type in black. We believe it is always best to use this colour in order to benefit from the public recognition factor.

To avoid misinterpretation of the nature of the certification, this Mark should not appear in yellow, orange, green, and blue or in reverse.

The StandardsMark™ should normally be presented as a vertical block, with lettering beneath the symbol, ranging to the right. However, where space constraints apply, the required wording may be placed horizontally alongside the StandardsMark™ symbol.

It is appreciated that the alternative presentations of the StandardsMark™ may be necessary on small products, or where there are other process or product limitations. In these circumstances please contact us. SAI Global Limited has extensive experience in dealing with unusual or difficult requirements and will be pleased to advise you.

Important Notes for use of Certified Product StandardsMark™

In contrast to a Management System Mark, Product Certification Marks tell your potential customers and stakeholders that you have the capability to produce a product that consistently meets a specific standard. Use of SAI Global Limited's Certified Mark is a statement about the specific standard to which goods provided by your company are produced.

For maximum benefit Product Certification Marks should be displayed on the product itself. In some cases, such as for consumer safety products where there may be a requirement to serially mark product and batches, SAI Global Limited sells serial marked labels which can be attached directly to the product.

To find out more email product@saiglobal.com

In cases where labels are not sold, licensees may apply the Certification Mark to the product in a manner that suits their production process. The method must be agreed with SAI Global Limited as part of the certification process.

Most importantly, Product Certification Marks must be accompanied by the identification of the publisher and number of the standard or specification to which the product has been certified. This information means that the consumer can, if they wish, check the content of the standard to ensure that the certification covers the important product attributes from their point of view. Also, because it is the manufacturer of the product who is the licensee, the Mark and Licence number should be displayed in proximity to the manufacturer's name.

Product Certification applies to specific product models. If you are using Certification Marks in advertising, make sure that you have clearly indicated which products are certified. Use of the Product Certification Marks in a general advertisement or in a product catalogue can sometimes wrongly imply that all products in a range are certified. When more than one product is being advertised, the StandardsMark may only be used in association with the specific products covered by your StandardsMark Licence. There are strict laws against making misleading statements about products. Be careful not to mislead!

SAI Global Limited has earned its reputation by an unswerving commitment to customer service. Our customers are our partners, and your success is our success. So we offer you value-added certification through our range of powerful, widely recognised 'Certification TradeMarks'. They are used extensively in product and corporate marketing campaigns, as well as providing persuasive point-of-sale reassurance for the potential buyer, and end user of your products or services.

We recommend that if you ever have any doubt or query about the use of one of these Trademarks, then please contact us for clarification.

NB:The StandardsMark™ and TypeTest Marks are registered certification Trade Marks.