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Demonstrating Compliance Effectiveness

The focus of regulators and other governing agencies is shifting from the existence of a compliance program to evidence of compliance program effectiveness. Many are raising the stakes by asking the question – "Can you prove that your compliance program works?" with an emphasis on effectiveness and measuring the quality of outcomes. These outcomes include evidence of promoting an ethical organizational culture, proactive monitoring for and detection of non-compliant activity, management's response to compliance violations, and enforcement of disciplinary actions.


Compliance 360 Virtual Evidence Room™

The Compliance 360 Virtual Evidence Room is the first and only of its kind in the GRC industry.  This unique application serves as an automatic collection point and proof-of-compliance record that is always up to date.  For each compliance obligation and regulation, all relevant documents, personnel and actions are automatically linked and tracked.  This includes policies and procedures, surveys and attestations, compliance and risk assessments (including third party risk assessments), remediation plans, projects and incidents.  The system maintains a complete archive of past versions of compliance obligations, laws and regulations, and all linked information. 

If your compliance status is ever questioned regarding an obligation or regulation that has changed, the then-current version, along with all your then-current supporting evidence can be easily accessed.
Armed with the unique capabilities of the Virtual Evidence Room, you can easily demonstrate proof of compliance for any type of audit, lawsuit or investigation. The Virtual Evidence Room ensures that you are always audit-ready with one verifiable version of the truth.

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At SAI Global, we hold ourselves accountable for your success.  With a vested interest in your success, we offer planning, configuration, implementation and optimization services to ensure that our software solutions fully address your needs.  Our primary objective is simple:  100% success with your objectives.  We invite you to explore our customer stories.

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