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Effective Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption Compliance

The aggressive international enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) coupled with the far-reachinig impact of the UK Bribery Act have intensified the need for organizations to ramp up their bribery and corruption risk management strategies.

Starting with an evaluation of your current programme, we can guide you through this process so you can demonstrate adequate procedures and thus evidence an anti-bribery programme that helps ensure compliance worldwide - by employees as well as associated third parties, agents and intermediaries.

Contact us to discover how we can help you specifically prepare for the UK Bribery Act and protect your organization's reputation and bottom line.

SAI Global's solution is built around what constitutes "adequate procedures" and "proportionality" for your business ...
and our ability to execute to those needs 

Watch a brief video illustrating a best practice approach to an effective bribery and corruption risk management program.

SAI Global's integrated suite of products and services is built to help you identify, implement, evidence and manage the adequate procedures tailored and proportional to your unique business risks.  In addition to our internal attorneys and risk assessment specialists, our cutting edge state-of-the-art technology components connect everyone associated with your organization and present one cohesive and transparent programme.

And rather than installing ourselves into your business for long periods of time, we provide what you really need - practical expertise, guidance, and the tools needed for day-to-day risk management.

SAI Global solution helps organizations address the UK Ministry of Justice's 6 key principles by providing:

  • An anti-bribery anti-corruption plan proportional to your risks as evidenced by an assessment of your unique risks – bribery and corruption requires a risk-based approach including risk assessment, policy review and development.  Ask us about how our Advisory Services team approaches bribery and corruption risk assessments.

  • Workshops and guidance on cultural change - ensure top level commitment by engaging your board and senior executives in a manner consistent with the potential damage a violation can cause - and - prevent and reject bribery with a strong Supplier and internal Code of Conduct  and related communications.

  • An automated process for due diligence - join Fortune 50 clients who use SAI Global's automated due diligence questionnaires and software  to profile, screen and analyze business partners and third parties.  Ask us about how you'll improve your business processes while managing risk with this one integrated system

  • All the tools you need for clear and practical policy & procedure development and communication - we provide best-in-class consulting to develop clear, practical and accessible Code, policies and procedures; the tools that allow you to manage, communicate and certify with custom questionnaires against those policies;  and the Compliance 360 Incident (Case) Management system that ties into our Learning & Communication Platform for a clear and continuous closed loop compliance system.

  • Effective implementation - engage the enterprise with the industry's most complete and  varied line of anti-bribery anti-corruption training; a robust learning and communication platform that's specially built for managing compliance and ethics issues; and the SAI Global Registry that permits an automated, auditable sytem of managing high risk areas like gifts, hospitality and entertainment

  • Monitoring and review - SAI Global's combination of advisory services and supporting tools and technology provide a system of internal controls and reporting that allow you the ability to change course in real time.

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