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Code of Conduct Resource Center from SAI Global

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Developing an Engaging, Effective Code of Conduct Program

Effective Code of Conduct Program Whitepaper

Andrea Falcione, JD, CCEP, SAI Global Advisory Services, co-authors this whitepaper in which she recommends a 5-step program that delivers not only a Code of Conduct but also a complete Code program that meets strategic objectives, engages employees and results in a satisfying and positive experience for compliance and ethics professionals.

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Code of Conduct: Commitment to Culture

Code of Conduct Commitment to Culture Whitepaper

Read this whitepaper to gain insights into strategically developing a Code that clearly states your company's approach to creating value and bringing people around a common purpose and shared value. In this Mark Rowe-authored SAI Global whitepaper, you'll learn how to better leverage your investment in your Code and some strategies for developing a truly successful Code.

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Code of Conduct: Content Development

Code of Conduct Content Development Whitepaper

In this SAI Global whitepaper, Mark Rowe provides a street map of some of the key issues that organizations need to address when creating or revising a Code of Conduct. He discusses ways in which to enlist senior management input, provides a simple framework that can result in a practical handbook for employees, and recommends guidelines to use in developing, writing and executing fresh and relevant text and examples. Numerous case studies are provided.

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Whitepapers | Expert Commentaries | Learn More

Expert Commentaries

Rush Kidder Discusses Ethical Dilemmas

Rush Kidder Commentary on Ethical Dilemmas

In this this 3-minute video Rush discusses the really tough questions of right vs. right and how individuals and organizations can become ethically fit. Read more and watch Rush Kidder's Expert Commentary

Lori Tansey Martens Addresses Effective Ethics Training

Lori Tansey Martens Commentary on Business Ethics Training

Lori Tansey Martens discusses how business ethics training can make a difference in creating a non-retaliatory workplace, and gives examples of how managers should engage with employees who raise concerns.Read more and watch Lori Tansey Marten's Expert Commentary.

Whitepapers | Expert Commentaries | Learn More

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code of conduct Training and certification

Reinforce your valuesCode of Conduct Training

Trust your Code training to the industry leader. Our multiple formats, lengths and styles match your organization's culture and global requirements.

Code of Conduct Assessment & Benchmarking Services

Is an update needed?Code of Conduct Assessment and Benchmarking Services

We'll work together - and with groups throughout your organization - to gauge whether there have been evolutions in your values, culture, or global scope that affect your Code.

Code of Conduct Design & Development

Rewrite or revitalizeCode of Conduct Design & Development

After a Code review, we can work together to develop or revise your Code to ensure its currency and relevance throughout your organization.

is your code up to date and 'alive' or unreadable, outdated and static?

Step up to a 'Living Code'Living Code of Conduct

It's more than Tone at the Top (although that's key); it's creating a dynamic, interactive way for staff to own the Code and take it as their own.

update your risk profile

Compliance and Ethics Risk AssessmentsCompliance & Ethics Risk Assessments

Risk assessments are at the very heart of your ability to develop a program that meets strategic and compliance goals. Ask us how we help dozens of companies each year.