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Optics - Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Compliance Learning

Optics - Advanced Reporting and Analytics for Compliance Learning


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Enhance the value of your SAI Global learning management system with SAI Global's Optics. Sophisticated analytical tools built into Optics allow you to filter, drill down and analyze learning data quickly. The ability to visualize your learning program allows you to quickly evaluate, detect and react to potential risks - and swiftly initiate mitigation and corrective efforts.

The SAI Global Optics solution presents users with a secure, rights- specific portal that connects to your learning management system. Key features of Optics include:

  • Holistic view of compliance learning program components
  • Enhanced data fields for more granular reporting
  • Full ad hoc report creation with 100% of data fields available, reducing the time and effort needed to generate reports
  • Drill down reporting and charts, enabling advanced analysis of program and element data (ex: geography, business unit, department, role, course, language, completion status, etc.)
  • Secure, role-based permissions configurable by role type or user
  • Broad data filtering and partitioning facilitated by capabilities to drill- down to the user level for all reports and charts
  • Configurable dashboards with private and public security of all data elements
  • Advanced reporting and visualization tools - Reports can be generated into tables, matrices, charts and individual transcript records with groupings, filters and the ability to export into CSV, XLS or PNG files
  • Visual interactive dashboards provide key metrics at a glance


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