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Third Party Due Diligence: Managing Bribery & Corruption Risk

SAI Global offers businesses a scalable, technology-enabled solution that allows you to efficiently manage the entire third party due diligence process from collection and analysis of third party data to managing and monitoring required risk mitigation actions.  
From conducting an initial diagnostic anti-bribery risk assessment to providing the tools and technology to act on the findings, our seamless solution provides complete visibility of your third party relationships and their associated risks.  It enables you to implement a systematic approach to third party due diligence that will stand up to scrutiny if you should ever be the subject of an investigation.
SAI Global Third Party Due Diligence
 Automate and streamline the key processes involved in third party due diligence 
 Enable risk mitigation processes that are proportionate to the risk profile of each third party 
-  Provide on-going evaluation and monitoring of third party risks 
 Evidence quickly and easily a robust, systematic approach to third party due diligence
   throughout the life-cycle of your relationship and historically 
-  Make significant cost savings by focusing effort and budget on high-risk partners

Third-Party Risk ManagementDownload the SAI Global: Third Party Due Diligence Solution datasheet
Third-Party Risk ManagementDownload the Compliance Week e-book on third party risk management

Using proven technology deployed in some of the world’s leading corporations, our comprehensive approach to third party compliance will deliver a sustainable solution, proportionate to the number or scope of your third party relationships.  We will recommend and configure a solution based on the unique nature of your third party risks.

Contact us to discuss your next steps towards implemeting a robust and defensible approach to third party due diligence.
SAI Global has a suite of products and services that can help you with all aspects of your anti-bribery programme.  Find out more about our Anti-Bribery Solutions.

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