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Code of Conduct

A Best Practices Approach to Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct is the cornerstone of an effective ethics and compliance program and the first step towards creating an ethical corporate culture and organizational integrity. This is true regardless of the mandates and compliance obligations you face - FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley Act, U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines, Securities and Exchange Commission guidances, stock exchange regulations, OECD guidelines, UK Bribery Act - in all cases, your Audit Committees need to assure that good business practices are in place. 

SAI Global offers a 5-step best practice approach to fully engage and inspire staff, and to have them integrate values into everyday business decisions:

  1. Re-assess and/or determine company culture and values - we'll work together - and with groups throughout your organization - to gauge whether there have been evolutions in your values, culture, or global scope that affect your Code

  2. Regularly review the organization's Code - we'll benchmark your Code against the standards of peer companies on 72 core dimensions and develop and design a Code that fits all the right criteria

  3. Design a creative and engaging Code program communications campaign - we'll help build a communications program using the types of media best suited to build awareness among your employees and suppliers, including custom branding and tone at the top messages  

  4. Conduct code training and certification on an annual basis - we offer a full range of highly customizable award-winning and industry-leading Code training - quick and easy to deploy in multiple options that connect certifications to disclosures as well as to core technologies that trigger cases, link to policy databases, etc

  5. Ensure that the Code program is continual and evolving and that you can measure Code uptake throughout your organization and surface key issues - we'll write and launch surveys through our Learning & Communication Platform or Compliance 360® GRC Software Suite 

SAI Global Advisory Services provides the foundation; award-winning training provides the structure

To help clients crystallize these 5 steps, SAI Global offers a comprehensive solution consisting of expertise, guidance, and tools that enable companies to integrate their Codes of Conduct throught their organizations. Read the bios of our Advisory Services team who will work with you every step of the way and ensure that whether you deploy our highly customizable and configurable Best Practices Code training or create from the ground up a custom Code, your employees and suppliers will have a Code they understand and integrate into their everyday actions. 

Code of Conduct SAI Global Code of Conduct brochure

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