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Collaborative consulting to enhance programme effectiveness

SAI Global partners with or supplements internal professionals who are challenged to deliver strategic value to the business.  Our knowledge of obligations, policies and organizational culture, coupled with practical experience in building, maintaining and evaluating risk management and compliance and ethics programmes, allows us to provide the third-party assistance you require.  Our service philosophy includes:

  • Experienced in-house attorneys and practitioners in Code of Conduct, anti-bribery, general risk management and GRC
  • Accessing GRC, Code of Conduct and risk area subject matter expertise
  • Incorporating systems and process-oriented thinking
  • Delivering practical solutions
  • Transferring skills to the client
  • Enabling continuous improvement

Compliance Management

We can help you apply a values or risk-based approach to reviewing your compliance and training programmes.  One of our network of well-qualified attorneys or advisors can review what you have in place, your risk profile, regulatory and legal obligations, Code of Conduct, hotline and incident management policies and procedures, certification processes, and global workflow so that you are in alignment with best practices, regulations and stakeholder expectations.

We can also demonstrate how technology may bring efficiencies and audit trails that are difficult to deploy using Outlook, Share Point, Excel or other limited solutions.

SAI Global has an extensive history and capability in tracking and interpreting the regulatory environment which gives us a unique capability to build and maintain effective compliance programmes.  In AsiaPacific, our consulting methodology is in line with the philosophy of AS 3806 Compliance Programs utilizing the AS/NZS 4360 risk-based approach to reviewing or developing effective compliance programmes. 

  • Are obligations registers in place?
  • Do they identify all obligations?
  • Does the compliance process effectively address each obligation?
  • Is there an effective control testing and reporting regime?

Our typical clients are interested in: Code of Conduct design, review and implementation; anti-bribery anti-corruption risk and compliance management assessments and programmes; privacy and data protection risk and compliance programmes; and organization culture assessments.

Compliance Program Assessments

Whether your program is just getting off the ground or it is well established, the objectives are the same: to reduce risk and promote ethical behavior. It might not be easy to measure the extent to which your program is achieving these goals—but the depth and breadth of existing compliance risks make assessing program effectiveness a vital part of its success.

SAI Global’s Advisory Services team has developed a rigorous, scalable and cost-effective process for assessing the effectiveness of an organization’s compliance and ethics program. We can validate your current program through objective, data-driven analysis and can offer practical guidance that will help you fine tune specific areas and help you ensure measurable program effectiveness.

When to Undertake a Program Assessment:

  • Changes in ethics and compliance leadership
  • Looking for unbiased outside perspective
  • Seeking innovative ideas to introduce into your Program
  • Direct request from Audit Committee
  • Peer comparison analysis
  • Regulator-dictated requirement

Risk Management

Our consultants assess your current risk framework against the commonly accepted practice standards (ISO 31000; AS/NZS 4360; COSO) and against business objectives. 

  • Does the risk policy adequately reflect the position of the business? 
  • Does your risk appetite reflect the policy?
  • Is your risk appetite an effective risk & opportunity management tool? 
  • Does the risk framework and processes reinforce risk ownership? 
  • Does it promote a proactive approach to managing strategic risks? 

Our typical clients are interested in: anti-bribery anti-corruption risk and compliance management assessments and programmes; privacy and data protection risk and compliance programmes; and assessment of your current risk framework against  commonly accepted practice standards and against business objectives. 


Our consultants review your risk and compliance management programmes to assess their alignment with governance benchmarks including OECD Corporate Governance Principles, AS/NZS 8000 series, and ASX Good Corporate Governance Principles.

  • Are there corporate policies that effectively articulate the strategic intent of the business?  
  • Are policies effectively delivered with frameworks, processes and assurance methodologies?  
  • Does the policy implementation conform to the commonly accepted benchmarks?  
  • Are these activities effectively integrated into business process?

Our typical clients are interested in compliance programmes in the areas of financial services licensing and reporting; AML; anti-bribery anti-corruption; safety, health and environment; data protection (Cobit & ISO 27000) and privacy; SOX and Basel II compliance; and the integration and optimization of your framework and process into a GRC platform.

Contact us for more information.

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