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GRC Solutions for Government Contractors and the Defence Industry

SAI Global partners with US federal government contractors and the defence industry on highly-configurable GRC solutions.

SAI Global provides US federal government contractors and the global defence industry’s most comprehensive and practical solution to its compliance and risk management challenges.  SAI Global not only provides the core elements of compliance but also aggregates the raw data of compliance - such as survey responses, hotline reports, incidents, training completion rates, regulatory content, risk assessment profiles, and policies - so that

compliance and risk management professionals can see and take action on the emerging risks and trends in their GRC programs.

Companies who do business with the U.S. federal government with contracts of $5 million or more are subject to a wide range of legislation including but not limited to FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulation), Mandatory Disclosure Rules, Export Control Act, the False Claims Act and FCPA.  Many complex global organizations are also subject to the UK Bribery Act.

Those in the defence industry face a similar challenge; already highly regulated and in the public eye due to the size and transparency of their relationships with governments, these organizations could be in for some additional sweeping changes based on the political and economic climate throughout the world.

And all organizations need to focus on the mandates set by Code of Conduct, Sarbanes-Oxley and ISO9000, as well as the risks presented by antitrust and competition law in order to have an effective compliance program and maintain brand equity.

Our GRC solution for US federal government contractors and the global defence industry includes:

  • More than 150 Best Practices Code of Conduct segments you can configure to communicate an Employee Code of Conduct and/or a Supplier Code of Conduct  

  • The industry's most complete and dynamic library of courses that communicate policies, regulations and mandates such as FCPA, Export/Import Law, competition, antitrust, conflicts of interest, gifts, hospitality & entertainment, and many more

  • Training on national and international standards such as ISO9001 and ISO27002

  • A powerful solution to enable a continual audit-ready state - the Compliance 360® Virtual Evidence Room® dynamically links all policies, surveys, assessments, attestations, incidents, audits, contracts, projects and tasks directly to laws, regulations, standards and guidelines

  • Compliance 360® Incident Management to store and collaborate on all incidents, track progress of investigations, and compile proof of remediation - and link to your hotline

  • Multiple options to manage policies and procedures - core business processes including disclosures, certifications, approvals and exceptions for compliance and audit professionals worldwide

  • Our GRC Dashboarding, designed for reporting and analysis and a welcome change from spreadsheet overload

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements or to arrange an online demonstration of any of our products or solutions.

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