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For many companies, the current economic climate is highlighting the importance of creating and maintaining a resilient and adaptable organization. It has never been more important for companies to ensure that their strategic direction is appropriate, that their people are equipped to deliver on corporate objectives, and that the operating environment is functioning well to support everyone's success.

10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement

  1. Assess and Review the current state of your organisation or of a particular process, identify bottlenecks and improvement opportunities that create lasting solutions that improve the workplace for everyone.
  2. Support in establishing new systems and procedures and align your business management systems with your business vision, mission, and core values.
  3. Manage operational risks associated with Environmental, Health and Safety issues.
  4. Score the true performance of your Management systems.
  5. Use Lean and Six Sigma methodology for projects in the management system program.
  6. Create employee action plans for projects in the management system program.
  7. Evaluate the reliability of your management system in maintaining regulatory compliance and identify process improvements to minimize waste.
  8. Conduct management system audits of key suppliers.
  9. Calculate the return on investment of your Management system and Implement a balanced scorecard to manage program results.
  10. Use real options to monetize the intangible benefits of the program.

What makes us different?

Our intent is not to focus on certification as the only goal, but rather to develop the very best business system and processes appropriate for your organization. With this in place, certification will occur as a natural result of having a well-implemented, outstanding business system.

No matter what business you are in, manufacturing, administration or a service industry our consultants have over 20 years experience ad can partner with you and your team to design process improvement projects that will add value at every step of the way and build capacity to enable you to reap the benefits of such projects well into the future.

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To learn more how we can help you drive improvement, call our Business Improvement Experts today at 800-374-3818, email or complete our online enquiry form.


real benefits

Increased Output, Reduced CostReal Benefits - Six Sigma

One of our Six Sigma clients increased output by 500,000 pounds per month and reduced energy consumption by 17%.

improving your business

10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement

Learn about 10 essential steps for improvement.

OUr team

Business Improvement TeamSAI Global Business Improvement Team

Our team puts their industry experience to work to help you drive improvement.