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The Business Excellence Framework (BEF) is an integrated leadership and management system that describes the elements essential to sustainable organisational excellence. The Framework has proven relevance to organisations of all types and sizes across any industry and can be used to assess and improve any aspect of your organisation including - leadership, strategy and planning, people, information and knowledge, safety, service delivery, product quality and bottom line results.
The aim of the BEF is to create an organisational environment for continuous improvement in which:
  •  The organisation is outward looking, has a strategic understanding of its operating environment and is strongly focused on adaptability and sustainability. It understands the perceptions and expectations of customers, key stakeholders and the wider community.
  • There are processes in place to formulate business strategies. These processes are continuously influenced by the external environment and are clearly communicated throughout the organisation.
  • It is recognised that people in the organisation work in a ‘system’. Leaders and managers focus on improving that system while encouraging the resourcefulness and enthusiasm of others involved.
  • A successful organisation continually improves its business processes through an understanding of their performance and capability; effectively using data and information for evidence-based decision-making, and fostering corporate learning.
  • Behavioural changes are considered and organisational values and principles are consistently applied in order to bring about improvement in business processes.
Your organisation can use the Business Excellence Framework to:
  •  Achieve stronger financial performance
  • Create visionary and inspirational leadership
  • Drive innovation in products and services
  • Focus on customer service and satisfaction
  • Increase market penetration and revenue
  • Create effective business planning processes
  • Raise productivity and reduce operating cost
  • Engage teams in the process of improvement and increase staff satisfaction
  • Improve decision-making capabilities and increase capacity to manage change.
  • Be recognised for your achievements in excellence and best practice in the Australian Business Excellence Awards. 
  • Demonstrate to key stakeholders that your organisation has a structured and systematic approach to improving and achieving best practice and excellence.
The Framework is based on enduring principles of organisational improvement and helps leaders maintain a comprehensive and systematic overview of the organisation by supporting a value and principle based business environment.
The principles are interpreted according to individual business settings using seven ‘Categories’ and seventeen sub-categories, or ‘Items’. The broad Categories and more specific Items break down the complex structure of an organisation into tangible components which can be systematically monitored and improved. The seven business settings – Categories, are illustrated below:

Assessment Matrix - ADRI
The organisation’s performance against each Category and Item is evaluated using the Assessment Matrix. This type of assessment shows the extent to which the organisation’s systems and operations are aligned to the principles of Business Excellence. The dimensions used in the Assessment form an organisational learning cycle which can be used to examine your organisation’s performance against each Item. The learning cycle, ‘ADRI’ is explained below:
  • Approach – identifies your organisation’s intent for an Item.
  • Deployment – identifies those planned activities supporting the improvement strategy.                          
  • Results – the performance indicators that measure the effectiveness of an Approach and its Deployment.
  • Improvement – the process by which Approach and Deployment are reviewed and adapted to achieve improved results.                                                                                                     

  • Our Approach
    Recognising the unique nature of each enterprise, SAI Global works with your organisation to develop a tailored roadmap for your journey towards achieving Business Excellence. Typically, the Achieving Sustainable Excellence  approach is used as the foundation for your journey. Tailored programs are also available for theLocal Government  and Aged and Community Care sectors.
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