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Target Your Improvements for Best ResultsCreating Value from Your Environmental Management System

Assess your Organisation's Processes against the Business Excellence Framework

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Increased Output, Reduced CostReal Benefits - Six Sigma

One of our Six Sigma clients increased output by 150,000 pounds per month and reduced energy consumption by 17%.

improving your business

10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement10 Ways We Help You Drive Improvement

Learn about 10 essential steps for improvement.


Overview Of Our Business Improvement Solutions

Watch Business Improvement Solutions video now and find out the many ways we can help your business achieve sustainable success.



For organisations requiring a more holistic and integrated approach to improvement, our Business Excellence programs and tools allow for organisational wide systems and processes to be assessed against internationally accepted criteria, from which organisational initiatives are identified in order to drive sustainable success.


Systematic assessment and employee involvement embeds a continuous improvement and performance focused culture throughout the organisation. Our Organisational Excellence programs provide a framework to ensure improvement strategies are linked to business strategy. For organisations desiring external recognition you can put your organisation forward for the prestigious and nationally recognised Awards program (see Business Excellence Framework & Awards)


Our solutions include:

Organisational Excellence Assessments
Systems Thinking
Achieving Sustainable Excellence
Excellence in Local Government
Excellence in Aged and Community Care
Law 9000: Excellence in Law
Integrated Continuous Improvement Systems
Graduate Certificate in Business Excellence

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