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In 1998 QuEST Forum (a group of service providers, suppliers,
and liaisons dedicated to Telecom industry) developed the TL 9000
Quality Management System to meet the supply chain quality
requirements of the worldwide telecommunications industry.
TL 9000 aims to achieve the following goals:

  • Establish and maintain a common set of telecom QMS requirements, which reduces the number of standards for the industry
  • Foster a system that protects the integrity and use of telecom products hardware, software and services
  • Define effective cost and performance-based measurements to guide progress and evaluate the results of QMS implemenation
  • Drive continual improvement and enhance customer relationships
  • Leverage the industry conformity assessment process
Specific Requirements for Telecommunications

The TL 9000 standard is the telecom industry’s extension to ISO 9001 and includes supplemental requirements in the following areas:

  • Performance measurements based on reliability of product
  • Software development and life-cycle management
  • Requirements for specialized service functions such as installation and engineering
  • Requirements to address communications between telecom network operators and suppliers
  • Reporting of quality measurement data to a central repository
TL 9000 Compliance
A two-part quality system with significant management and measurement components, TL 9000 registered organizations are required to comply with:
  • All requirements clauses of the International Standards ISO 9001:2000
  • Telecom-specific requirements that apply to all registrations
  • Telecom-specific requirements that apply to hardware, software and/or service registrations
  • Telecom industry measurements that apply in all product categories
  • Telecom industry measurements that apply in certain product categories specific to hardware, software and/or services
Who Benefits from TL 9000?
  • Buyers benefit from assured consistent quality across all products and services by using TL 9000 certified suppliers, along with significant cost savings of on-site inspections.
  • Suppliers profit by conformance to TL 9000 standards, thus validating the quality of product, services and customer care that they provide. It reduces the costs of quality audits and helps create customized performance reports for current and potential customers.
  • Both Service Providers and Suppliers gain from cost efficiencies and improved supplier relationships across the supply chain.
  • Organizations drive further product and service improvement through a strong commitment to quality and business excellence, thus boosting their time-to-market and competitive advantage.

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