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SAIGOL™ (SAI Global OnLine)

A Configurable Managed Services Solution for the Retail Agri-Food Sector

SAI Global OnLine, or SAIGOL™, is a web-based, interactive platform that is specifically designed for managing complex information associated with supplier compliance management, providing real time information and analytics.

Building a Configured Solution

After an initial discussion to ascertain client's business drivers, SAI Global’s Account Management Team meets with a nominated team from the client to design the optimal supply chain management solution. Based on the needs of each client, our Account Management Team will configure a solution to address issues identified with the client.

The SAIGOL™ Platform has 3 Basic Modules:

  • Managed Audit Programs
  • Supplier approval management
  • Product approval management

The Services Enabled by these Modules Include:

  • 2nd party audit programs
  • Traceability
  • Product claim verification
  • Label Management
  • Customer specific technical supplier assessments

Clients may choose which modules to activate. Users can also add new modules or switch to another as their needs change. A standard set of dashboards provides at-a-glance performance metrics in key areas relating to identified business issues.

SAIGOL™ Platform Features Include:

  • Our proprietary supply chain and audit management modules.
  • An active database of suppliers or sites that records and manages statuses together with policies and procedures specific to the organization.
  • Approval processes that are self-managed through automated reminder notifications and alert reporting that enable technical resources to be used at optimum efficiency.
  • Supply chain compliance management processes that are stored and administered through one centralized tool.
  • Executive dashboards enable full visibility and instant reporting on data stored in the system.
  • Event management and tracking systems with KPI reports adapted to clients' specific requirements.
  • Configurable workflows that enable the client to choose escalation pathways and remedial action specific to their needs.

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