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SAIGOL - The Software Solution of Supplier Compliance Management

SAI Global has developed a bespoke system to provide you with a complete Supplier Compliance Management (SCM), so that you can focus on your business while we ensure your suppliers are not only meeting legal requirements, but also maintaining your standards and specifications.
The web-based SCM system, SAIGOLTM, provides you with an active monitoring process to manage your supplier’s compliance to your requirements and best practice – in line with specific criteria laid down by you.
SAIGOLTM is an interactive management tool, designed to help your company to comply with supplier approval protocols, traceability, and legal compliance.
• is a web based platform that can be accessed globally
• can be entered securely, on a multi-site basis
• uses an active database that records and manages supplier audit status
   together with policies and procedures specific to your company together with data sheets
   specifications, and certificates of analysis, etc
• can be adapted and extended to provide you with a bespoke, state-of-the-art
   business management tool, capable of delivering cost efficient supply chain management
• provides an “event management log”, and an automatic reminder system, with
   KPI reports to suit your requirements
• prompts responses automatically to self-manage the entire approval process
• works quickly and efficiently so you can make performance improvements faster
• means no more paper forms or inconsistent data
• allows you to complete forms online.
The following services can be driven by SAIGOLTM:
• Supplier Approval Management
• Complaint management/handling
• Label legality checks and translation
• Customer specific audits
• Specification review
• Verification of product claims
• Nutritional/Allergen/Intolerance Reviews
• Customer specific Technical Assessments.
SAIGOLTM has helped businesses to:
• Reduce risks, incidents, liability, time and cost
• Improves and enhances supplier approval/assurance processes
• Protect and enhance brand value and reputation
• Measure suppliers against internal and external standards.
Key benefits:
• Streamlines your compliance management process saving you time and resources
• Provides executive dashboard visibility for instant reporting
• Comprehensive administrative checklist functionality and technical review
• Automatically tracks and monitors supplier responses to control your product integrity
• Provides data validation and verification to help protect your brand
• Provides a one-stop supplier resource.
SAIGOLTM allows users to add and integrate any number of risk disciplines into their management process and provides a complete framework for managing risk across an organisation. It is designed to manage data effectively and efficiently to improve performance management, corporate reporting, information and document management, and provides all you need for a total Supplier Compliance Management solution