Today’s seafood buyers and consumers demand to know where their food comes from, how it is obtained and what has happened to it prior to purchase. However good the practices are in the seafood industry, confidence must be instilled to a wider public through a trustworthy and understandable mechanism – certification is widely accepted as the appropriate mechanism.
Global Trust – SAI Global offers the most comprehensive range of recognized and accredited certifications and standards services to international seafood businesses. We have services that can be tailored to suit existing or emerging markets and needs.
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About Global Trust Certification - SAI Global
Global Trust is a specialist Seafood Certification Body with international credentials and from 2012, Global Trust is the Global Marine Certification Division for SAI Global Assurances Ltd.
Global Trust - SAI GLOBAL is operational in over twenty six countries and has national, international and exclusive certification contracts involving all of the leading Seafood Standards and Certification Programmes.
Global Trust - SAI GLOBAL has unique expert knowledge, insights and understanding of Seafood Certification, which can be used to support and empower seafood buyers and technical managers to understand what the credible Seafood Standards stand for and how they may enhance current sourcing polices.
Global Trust  - SAI GLOBAL has an expert team of assessors strategically located across the global supply chains.
How Can Global Trust-SAI Global support services help Seafood Business?
 Our specialists are thought leaders in the seafood sector and can give a:
  • Detailed comparative overview of all the standards currently available in your sector
  • In depth review of each standard and what areas each covers
  • Standards enhancement /development options for your company
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