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Supply Chain
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Supplier Risk Assessments

Identify the greatest opportunities for improvement in your supply chain, and target investments for maximum impact

Supply lines today are longer, and more complex than ever, and it is vital to proactively identify at-risk opportunities in your supplier base to prevent costly delays and disruptions. With global capabilities, extensive industry experience, and multi-cultural expertise, SAI Global can help you quickly identify critical supplier non-compliances, and target program investments where they’ll have the greatest impact. 

  • Routine assessments gauge the performance of each supplier over time, and allow you to take advantage of your greatest at-risk opportunities
  • Effectiveness rating scorecards rank supplier performance and track improvements, providing you critical information for future negotiation of purchasing and service agreements.
  • Local assessors with industry expertise in all facets of supply chain management and supplier compliance extend the reach and capabilities of your audit team for expeditious and reliable assessments.

SAI Global offers a broad range of risk management services that can be custom-tailored for your organization’s specific objectives. Key supply chain management services that we provide include:

Qualification Assessments

Whether you're trying to pre-qualify a new supplier, bringing a new franchise location under a corporate umbrella, or having a product or service transferred to a new location, SAI Global can guide you through the qualification process to help ensure you make the best decisions.

SAI Global will pre-qualify your new potential partners to verify they meet specific requirements for proper parameters, documentation and controls. We will evaluate and score suppliers to your personalized criteria to ensure long term relationships and reduce turnover. Observations made during assessments will be documented and then analyzed to support your sourcing decisions.

Upgrade Assessments

SAI Global works with you to understand where system failures are impacting critical aspects of cost, quality, delivery and safety. We quantify and measure at-risk opportunities impacting your bottom line. Utilizing a phase approach, we focus on key factors not meeting your expectations as they relate to your purchasing agreement, supplier manual and requirements, process/part approval methods, and regulatory requirements.

During on-site assessments, we'll create a process flow diagram encompassing process details from incoming parts to outgoing product to related failure mode at-risk opportunities.  SAI Global identifies and monitors root cause factors impacting each failure; we also monitor trends and analysis that are measured against baseline data.

Compliance Assessments

Using our unique Five Phase Methodology, SAI Global will assess your suppliers according to your specifications. SAI Global's competitive advantage is that we take our results one step further than simply showing the results of supplier assessments.

Our industry leading systems provide an "Effectiveness Rating Scorecard" (ERS) that cross-references major non-compliances against the location's effectiveness, providing further insight into the overall strength of the system. These services ensure that products, processes and documents meet your requirements. SAI Global will monitor the results, identifying major non-compliances as well as providing site effectiveness ratings and opportunities for improvement.

Through insightful analysis, we will make specific recommendations that support continual business improvement, and provide a measurable return on investment.


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