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Social Accountability Solutions from SAI Global

Social Accountability not only creates better relationships with your stakeholders, it also helps your business performance.

Being socially accountable in the modern business environment is not only good for public relations—it makes good business sense, and having a risk management resource with global assessment capabilities to help your company navigate the multi-cultural maze is critical to your success. QMI – SAI Global works closely with your team to provide valuable information and insightful direction that help you make more informed strategic and tactical decisions that can have a positive impact on your bottom line. 

  • Supplier risk assessments measure and monitor supplier performance as it relates to child labor, fair wages, employee discipline, and more.
  • Effectiveness rating scorecards provide tactical support for strategic direction and help you allocate resources where they’re needed most to resolve supplier problems before they become your problems
  • Local assessors with industry expertise extend the reach and capabilities of your audit team for assessments that help your company stay attuned to the new global operating environment.

SAI Global assessments in this area ensure that not only your own organization, but also your supply chain, comply with your corporate values, labor laws and more. We can also work with you to customize existing Social Accountability programs to specifically reinforce your corporate principles.

While conducting an assessment of overall working conditions, SAI Global will make sure your expectations are being met. Key areas for performance monitoring can include fair employment practices (such as child labor, fair work hours, employee discipline and more), as well as proper environmental and work safety compliance. Once assessments are complete, SAI Global delivers corrective and preventive action recommendations for areas that need improvement, and also provides continued monitoring of situations that could pose further risk.

No matter where the world markets have taken your business, SAI Global has the resources to ensure your success worldwide. With assessors in more than 50 countries, including an extensive staff throughout Asia, we provide resources that speak the local language and can provide optimal support relevant to geography. Our extensive knowledge of the culture where the organization operates will help facilitate an assessment that is easy to understand and provides optimum results.



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