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Risk Assessment Solutions

Proactively identifying and prioritizing your greatest at-risk opportunities now—while you can still do something about them—can help you avoid predictable headaches, and save your company time and money

Today’s business environment is fraught with more risks than ever, and having a risk assessment resource with global capabilities, to help your company identify and systematically mitigate predictable risks, can save your company time, money, and prestige.

Using a unique 5-phase methodology that helps you systematically align your resources towards achieving mission-critical strategic objectives, QMI – SAI Global helps you identify and prioritize your greatest risks early, before they become major problems. 

  • QMI – SAI Global’s Risk Assessments are custom-tailored for your organization based on your objectives and your available internal resources
  • Supplier effectiveness rating scorecards link performance to objectives, helping you target program investments, and make the most effective use of your budget dollars
  • Experienced local assessors in more than 40 countries means you have the multi-cultural expertise, and the support you need where you need it

QMI – SAI Global offers a comprehensive portfolio of risk management services that can be custom-tailored for your immediate business needs and add value to your bottom line:

Supplier Risk Assessments
Ensure optimum achievements in customer satisfaction, brand reservation, process implementation and continuous improvement by monitoring your own organization, suppliers or other partners.

C-TPAT & Shipment Security
Create safer and faster supply chains, and ensure the safety of employees and contractors.

Environmental Performance Management
Minimize the harmful effects of human and corporate activities on the environment and the community in which your suppliers operate.

Social Accountability
Ensure adherence to accepted standards for working hours, health and safety, fair compensation, labor practices, and more.

When you work with QMI – SAI Global, you can count on the following advantages:
Worldwide support: With offices around the world, QMI – SAI Global's assessors are strategically located where you need them, and can provide valuable insights into local customs and culture.

  • Assessment team excellence: Through our extensive network of specialists, we'll work to assign someone who not only has years of experience doing assessments in your area of need, but prior to that they also gained additional years of experience by working directly in that field.
  • Bridging the gap: We're also working to assist you wherever possible to bridge gaps to your suppliers and create partnerships that result in communication and trust.
  • Instant expertise: Our resources are available on an as-needed basis and are ready for immediate deployment, allowing you to cost-effectively manage risk.
  • QMI – SAI Global Direct – Electronic Account Management: QMI – SAI Global recognizes your need for instant assessment information at your fingertips. That's why we've developed our unique, industry-leading customer portal, QMI – SAI Global Direct, which helps you electronically manage assessment information for all of your locations. Its dynamic content is customizable to meet the specific needs of your organization, and gives you instant access to important assessment information.

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