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Audit Manager uses the latest encrypting technology to ensure all client information is secure. It is a flexible tool enabling the construction of audits, the provision of auditing and certifying services to company, regulatory and brand standards. The system also provides an extensive report capability to enable you to undertake trend analysis and focus on business critical areas.
Audit Manager has a dedicated server, hosted at a specialist provider Rackspace, with controlled access, encrypted data protection and fully expandable bandwidth and data storage facility.
Feedback reports are generated instantly, can be exported to various formats and sent to nominated personnel. Management reports can be structured to reflect your organisation and can be produced by site, area, region or by entire estate giving you the ability to slice and dice report data and the ability to drill down enabling you to focus on root causes of non-compliance.
Cost Effective
As a fully automated, paperless system Audit Manager will significantly reduce audit time – no time consuming report writing, no inconsistent approaches – just improved productivity and focus.
Trusted by some of the biggest clients in the retail, hospitality and public sectors, the Audit Manager System supports multi-format sites and organisations. Based on your requirements, audit templates can be developed to reflect your business structure providing improved consistency of audits and results.
Audit Manager Licensing
Audit Manager technology can also be licensed by clients enabling delivery of audit programmes in-house. The system supports international multi-site organisations and has multi-lingual capability. Audit Manager licensing can also provide your business with a monitoring tool providing you with remote visibility of on-site issues at your Head Office.

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