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Internal Auditing - Optimizing the Process


Listen to our recorded webinar to learn the benefits of properly-conducted internal audits. This can include identifying areas for improvement, promoting prevention versus detection, and providing positive feedback to your organization for future growth. There are many areas where companies can optimize their internal audits, and this webinar will reinforce important audit principles that can improve results. Key areas of focus will include:
  • Proper internal audit planning, including frequency of audits and audit team selection
  • Review of important audit tools such as turtle diagrams, cross-reference matrices and a process requirements matrix
  • Additional topics including corrective/preventative actions, verification/close out and audit process evaluation
This webinar will provide the seasoned Quality Manager with an excellent reinforcement of traditional internal auditing principles, and possibly new audit techniques. A suggestion is to have your entire internal audit team attend together from one centralized location, and afterwards brainstorm how the discussed techniques could help your organization.