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Why Quality is Important in Tough Economic Times


Organizations typically waste 25% to 35% of operating costs through failed communication, reworked information and the resulting customer complaints and dissatisfaction.
As times get tough it is vital to address this weakness in order to strengthen the bottom line and increase customer satisfaction. There is global acceptance that the solution is to implement a Management System that enables an organization to satisfy its customers needs and expectations.
The recurring problem with QMS implementation is the failure to understand and fully implement the solution. High focus on designing and building the QMS leaves people thinking they dont actually have to operate the system.
Listen to this Webinar and it will:
  • Show you what to do in order to use your QMS to reduce the time wasted on rework and increase the satisfaction of your customers.
  • Help you understand how to measure customer dissatisfaction not customer satisfaction.

Indicate how measurements must link to corrective actions and improvement and also how to measure the Cost of Quality.