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Allergen Management Webinar

Practicing food allergen awareness is one of the cornerstones of the modern food industry and must be the center of attention at every food manufacturing facility.

The allergen management process involves evaluation of the likelihood of allergen cross contamination associated with every step of the food production process, from sourcing raw materials, sanitation, and processing through to labeling and marketing of a finished product. Particular emphasis is also needed in validation of the allergen sanitation program and ongoing verification of its effectiveness.

Human error is still one of the main causes of food allergen related incidents. Practicing effective food allergen management is the key to ensuring safe food production at every food manufacturing, wholesale or retail facility. The bottom line is that food allergen awareness is everyone’s responsibility.

This webinar will provide an overview of all of the key pieces in the allergen management puzzle and will be useful to people working at all levels in the food industry.

Presented By:
Gordon Hayburn, SAI Global, Technical Director of Agri-Food

Prior to joining SAI Global, Gordon Hayburn was the Director of Compliance and VP of Food Safety and Quality at Tata Global Beverages, where he managed the Global Compliance function with complete product portfolio responsibilities while also leading the Worldwide Quality Assurance division.

Hayburn also worked at University of Wales Institute Cardiff as a Senior Lecturer, where he taught Food Science/Technology, Food Safety and Food Law for BSc. (Hons.) and MSc. students. He also introduced new courses on HACCP, Food Safety Management and Auditing and Risk Assessment, which allowed students to train towards becoming certified food safety auditors.

Gordon was recently awarded the prestigious Harold Barnum Industry Award by the International Association for Food Protection (IAFP). The Harold Barnum Industry Award recognizes individuals whose career highlights include - leadership achievements, service to food safety education and independent peer assessment.