ISO 9001:2008

Organisations that implement an effective business management system create a confidence among their stakeholders in the capability of their processes and the reliability of their products and or services; while at the same time, benefiting from improved risk management.  In addition, an effective business management system serves to create the basis for continual improvement leading to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately to the success of the organisation.
ISO 9001 is an international quality standard developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), a worldwide federation of national standards bodies representing some 130 countries.
SAI Global has issued over 50,000 certificates and is one of the leading management systems registrars, we boast a team of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced auditors anywhere, many of whom are involved in the development and ongoing evolution of the ISO 9000 family of standards.
About the Standard
ISO 9001 can be applied to any type and size of organisation, from small family-run businesses to the world's largest corporations and government institutions. It provides a structured yet flexible framework for a customer focused business management system that will drive business performance improvement.
ISO 9001 is based on the following eight Quality Management Principles, which are incorporated within the requirements of the standard, and can be applied to improve organizational performance:
• Customer focus
• Leadership       
• Involvement of people
• Process approach
• System approach to management
• Continual improvement
• Factual approach to decision making
• Mutually beneficial supplier relationships
The standard covers all aspects of an organisation's activities, including identifying its key processes, defining roles and responsibilities, policies and objectives, documentation requirements, the importance of understanding and meeting customer requirements, communication, resource requirements, training, product and process planning, design processes, purchasing, production and service, monitoring and measurement of products and processes, customer satisfaction, internal audit, management review, and improvement processes.

The Benefits of Implementing an ISO 9001 Quality Management System
Many organisations initially implemented ISO 9001 because they had to! Either their customers demanded it, or their competitors had it, making it imperative that they do the same to stay competitive. As time went by, however, these companies soon realised that if properly implemented, ISO 9001 gave them many significant and noticeable benefits.
For management, an important benefit has always been improved financial performance. Many studies have shown that companies implementing a quality management system have realised cost savings through improved process effectiveness and efficiency. In addition to benefiting the bottom line, companies also realize many other advantages, including improved employee and customer satisfaction, resulting from better defined and implemented business processes.
Some of the direct benefits achieved by ISO 9001 certified companies include:
• Improved financial performance - studies have consistently shown that ISO 9001 certified outperform non-certified companies
• Motivated staff, who understand their roles and how their work affects quality
• Improved product and service quality, leading to satisfied customers
• Improved management and operational processes, resulting in less waste (both time and materials), increased productivity, efficiency and cost savings
The derivative benefits are no less important, and include:
• Enhanced reputation
• Repeat business
• Ability to compete more effectively globally, both on quality and price
• Access to new markets
• Improved customer and supplier relationships
• Improved employee morale
• Improved management control
The SAI Global Approach
SAI Global is the registrar of choice for over 24,000 companies worldwide. When you partner with SAI Global for your registration needs, you know you're working with an industry leader.
We have experienced and perceptive auditors with a sound understanding of management and business practices in a wide range of industry sectors. They are trained to interpret the requirements of the standard properly, add value to your organisation, and guide you smoothly and efficiently through the registration process.
Our auditors understand that the application of the standard can be quite different in small, medium and large organisations, and are trained to assess your system in a way that will be appropriate to your business. With offices strategically located worldwide, and an auditor base that covers virtually every industry sector, no other registrar is better equipped to help you use the registration process to improve your organisation's business performance and help you in Advancing Business Excellence.

Comprehensive Training
SAI Global is more than a source for management systems registration. We offer a full portfolio of comprehensive training programs to support your understanding, implementation and auditing of ISO 9001 based quality management systems. SAI Global training courses are offered as both public courses and 'onsite' at your preferred location upon request. Click here for more information on our quality management systems training courses.
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