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ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems

Since the first release ISO9001 over 30 years ago, by ISO (International Organization for Standardization), more than one million organizations worldwide have adopted the principles and achieved certification to the requirements of ISO 9001, Quality Management System. 

Today’s version provides organizations with a comprehensive process-focused framework upon which you can build business processes that lead to the successful achievement of organizational objectives.

Organizations that implement an effective business management system create a confidence among their stakeholders in the capability of their processes and the reliability of their products and or services; while at the same time, benefiting from improved risk management.  In addition, an effective business management system serves to create the basis for continual improvement leading to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately to the success of the organization.

The ISO 9000 Family of Standards includes:

  • ISO 9000 which serves to identify and define the fundamentals and vocabulary for a Business Management System (QMS);
  • ISO 9001 which specifies the requirements for a QMS where the capability to provide a product and or service that meets customer and regulatory mandates needs to be demonstrated;
  • ISO 9004 which provides valuable guidance on the application of ISO9001 that directly contributes to enhanced customer satisfaction.   

ISO 9001:2008 - world's leading Management System Standard

Globally adopted in virtually all industries - from manufacturers and service companies, to companies both large and small, multi-site multi-national organizations and single location businesses, ISO 9001 has become the most widely recognized Management System Standard.

The principles upon which ISO 9001:2008 is based include:

• Customer Focus
• Leadership
• Involvement of People
• Process Approach
• System Approach to Management
• Continual Improvement
• Factual Approach to Decision Making and
• Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship.

The Standard’s relevance and value is evidenced further by specific industries as it is the basis for multiple industry specific standards including AS 9100 for Aerospace, ISO 13485 for Medical Device, LAW 9000, Health 9000 and Financial Planning 9000.

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