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CAN/CSA Z1000-2006 Registration Services

CAN/CSA Z1000-2006 is the Canadian national consensus standard emphasizing the Occupational Heath & Safety Management System processes. With strong emphasis on worker participation and other key characteristics, Z1000 provides organizations with a significant tool to help enhance existing OHSMS programs or establish new ones, which may improve protection of workers, while at the same time help reduce legal liability of Canadian organizations.

Based on the Plan–Do-Check-Act management system model, Z1000 can be incorporated into companies with an already existing OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, or ISO 14001 system:

  • OHSAS 18001 is an international occupational health and safety management system. Registration to this standard enables companies to identify and control health and safety risks, while at the same time promote employee well-being and a safe work environment. Companies that have an OHSAS system have integrated Z1000 to enable them to identify safety risks and hazardous concerns above and beyond their existing system.
  • ISO 9001 is the quality management system. As quality, risk, and safety go hand in hand, companies utilize the commonalties of management reviews, corrective and preventive actions, internal audits, and other processes to incorporate Z1000 into their existing quality and health & safety systems.
  • ISO 14001 is an environmental management system that assists companies in planning, monitoring and continually improving their competitive position and environmental performance.

Integration: All of the above standards are compatible and easily integrated with one another, which allows for audits to be conducted simultaneously in most cases. By combining registration to multiple standards, your company will see the added benefits that each registration offers.

The SAI Global Approach

SAI Global can be instrumental in the success of your Z1000 registration services. Our auditors are trained, capable, and motivated to bring value and credibility to your management system, while assessing its conformity to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Your auditors will have the necessary sector specific and health & safety experience to meet QMI – SAI Global's commitment of Advancing Business Excellence.

SAI Global recognizes that the standard is meant to work for all types of organizations, and the manner in which it is assessed will be appropriate to your business. With this in mind, SAI Global has pioneered innovative new practices. We have extensive capabilities to conduct audits covering multiple standards and specifications, and we routinely offer integrated environmental, quality and health and safety audits. For larger organizations, we can also audit all of your sites and provide analysis of the performance of your management systems.

A unique feature that SAI Global offers its customers and auditors is the support from a dedicated environmental product manager. Khurshed Kutky, Product and Development Manager-OHSAS, ensures SAI Global's on-going technical excellence by communicating industry changes to customers and auditors.

The Benefits of SAI Global Registration

If your goal is to ensure that your management systems are achieving your expectations by playing a pivotal role in your current and future excellence, then SAI Global can partner with you. Our registration services will ensure that your systems are working effectively, while generating value and credibility.

We have a three-year customer satisfaction rating of 95% in North America. Our auditors cover virtually every sector, and are strategically located across North America and worldwide. Our respect in the industry calls for frequent participation in technical committees that guide the creation and revision of industry standards such as Z10. When you partner with SAI Global for your registration needs, you know you're working with an industry leader.


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