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ISO 20252 Quality in Market and Social Research

In an increasingly competitive business environment with expanding global opportunities, providers of market opinion and social research services; now need, more than ever, to demonstrate their ability to provide accurate and credible services in a professional manner, and in accordance with applicable, internationally recognized,  codes of conduct.  

ISO 20252 Market Opinion and Social Research Vocabulary and Service Requirements

The International Standard ISO 20252: 2006 Market Opinion and Social Research Vocabulary and Service Requirements (“the Standard”) provides a solution to enhancing stakeholder confidence, as it:
  • Establishes clear terms and references, definitions, and fundamental service requirements;
  • Provides an internationally recognized framework for  best practices, and
  • Is applicable for all organizations and individuals offering market opinion and social research services.

SAI Global can assist your organization further by providing independent assurance of your compliance to the Standard through the certification process offered by our Assurance Services division. Our professional, comprehensive and leading approach to certification, coupled with our extensive and highly relevant industry expertise aims to ensure that our clients receive a service that adds value, real benefits and a clear competitive edge. 

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SAI Global has a long-standing relationship with the market and social research industry through which, they have focused considerable effort on enhancing stakeholder confidence with regard to quality assurance. It continues to maintain that relationship through its links to AMSRO. As an AMSRO approved ISO 20252 certification provider, SAI Global possesses the unique ability to provide our clients with a certificate that carries both the AMSRO logo and the SAI Global Five-Ticks Mark.

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