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ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Standard

The ISO/IEC 27001:2005 is the newest management system standard to help ensure information security. This leading-edge tool helps enable organisations to organise information security processes and document subsequent actions in a format that allows companies to implement security controls that can be customized to their specific business needs.
The ISO/IEC 27 001:2005 Standard forms a complementary pair with the ISO/IEC 17 799:2005 - Code of practice for information security management, and replaces the British Standard BS 7799-2 used previously by organisations to register their ISMS. The standard is intended to provide the foundation for third party audit, and is "harmonised" with other ISO standards such as the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.
The basic objective of the standard is to help establish and maintain an effective ISMS, using a continual improvement approach. The ISO 27001 standard integrates the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) 9 principles governing security of information and network systems adopted by the OECD Council at its 1037th session held on July 25th, 2002

ISO 27001 can help with:
• Minimizing the risk of privacy and security breaches
• Demonstrating due diligence for compliance with privacy laws
• Defining the security process
• Creating security objectives and requirements
• Cost-effectively managing security risks
• Ensuring the organization's security objectives are met by providing a roadmap for
   managing requirements
• Complying with government, industry and other regulations
• Providing a uniform platform to show customers and partners how information is secured
• Determining the extent of compliance with corporate directives and government policies
About SAI Global
SAI Global has registered over 24,000 service and manufacturing organisations to a wide range of ISO and industry standards. More than 700 SAI Global-certified audit professionals are located worldwide, providing a convenient, local source for registration services. Behind these auditors are dedicated SAI Global service teams, providing focused customer support from around 120 offices worldwide.
SAI Global is not only one of the leading management systems registrars, we are also a leader in helping companies use the registration process to make real and lasting improvements in their business. SAI Global recognises that most companies don't see obtaining a registration certificate as the end of their management systems journey. It's a milepost in your continuing pursuit of business excellence to ensure information security throughout your organisation.
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