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Integrated Management Systems for the Healthcare Sector

All of the standards that SAI Global provides registration services to are compatible and easily integrated with one another, which allows for audits to be conducted simultaneously in most cases. By combining registration to multiple standards, your health service organization will see the added benefits that each registration offers.

SAI Global can help you combine the power of all of the standards available to healthcare organizations into a seamless management system that enhances your quality performance, efficiency, and competitiveness within the Healthcare Industry. Integrating different standards together into one management system can also lead to a significant cost benefit for the organization and cuts out redundancies that may exist if implementation is done separately.

Other potential benefits to be realized include: 

  • More consistent integrated work force guidance, 
  • Gain further operational efficiencies, 
  • Streamline document control processes, and 
  • Minimize the number of audits needed.

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