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Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®)

Dispute Resolution Process

SAI Global has in place a dispute, complaint and appeal procedure in place which is described as follow:

  • On receiving a complaint the relevant details are recorded on a complaint register by the person receiving the complaint.
  • A SAI Global person is responsible for the handling of complaints/appeals, and forwards the complaint on to the respective Manager in charge of SAI Global FSC Program for resolution.
  • An initial response, including an outline of the proposed course of action to follow up on the complaint, will be sent within two (2) weeks of receiving the complaint.
  • SAI Global will keep the complainants informed of progress in evaluating the complaint.
  • An investigation of the allegations and all its proposed actions in response to the complaint/appeal will be dealt within three (3) months of receiving the appeal. Upon completion of the investigation a full report of the investigation and its findings are then sent to the complainant.
  • Full implementation of actions and confirmation of implementation (e.g. correction and closing out of non-compliances that may have been identified as a result of the complaint) outlined in the final report will be completed.
  • SAI Global ensures that the persons engaged in the appeals, complaints and disputes handling processes are different from those who carried out the audits, made the certification decisions and the day to day implementation.

If the issue has not been resolved through the full implementation of SAI Global’s procedures the person or organization raising the complaint/dispute/appeal has the opportunity to refer their complaint/dispute/appeal to FSC's dispute resolution process.


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