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CSA Z809 SFM Sustainable Forest Management System

CSA Z809

CSA Z809 describes the requirements for sustainable forest management (SFM) of a defined forest area (DFA). The Standard outlines the requirements for a forest manager or owner wishing to implement the public participation, system requirements, and performance requirements for a DFA. It includes requirements for public participation, performance, management systems, review of actions, monitoring of effectiveness, and continual improvement. This Standard also outlines the auditing process used to determine whether SFM requirements are implemented at the DFA level.

High Degree of Public Involvement - CSA Z809 requires extensive public participation in the development of its Standards. The need for public participation is also strongly emphasized in this Standard, which requires organizations to seek comprehensive, continuing public participation and to work with Aboriginal Peoples at the community level. In this Standard, the public identifies forest values of specific importance to environmental, social, and economic concerns and needs. The public also takes part in the forest management planning process and works with organizations to identify and select SFM objectives, indicators, and targets to ensure that these values are addressed. The public participation requirements of this Standard are some of the most rigorous in certification standards in the world today. Because Canadian forests are primarily publicly owned, it is vital that a Canadian forest certification standard involve the public extensively in the forest management planning process.

CSA Z804


This Standard is intended for use by woodlot owners or managers of forests up to 4000 hectares, and has been developed in response to public expectations about responsible forest management. This Standard also addresses the desire of woodlot owners to gain recognition for the quality of their management, encourages improvement in the management of their lands, and strengthens their position in a market that increasingly demands forest products from lands where forest management has been certified. At the same time, it takes into consideration the small size of woodlots, their low net revenues, the limited resources of woodlot owners.

This Standard addresses the sustainable forest management of defined woodlots, including the requirements for public consultation, performance, and system frameworks promoting continual improvement. It also lists the specific requirements that must be addressed, audited, and approved before certification can be achieved. Commitment of the woodlot owner to sustainable forest management and the adoption of appropriate practices to achieve it will ensure the perpetuation of woodlot forests along with their many economic, ecological, social, and cultural benefits. At the same time, the acquired and legal rights of private woodlot owners to set their own management objectives should be respected.

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